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MCTV Board of Directors 
Under the ordinance of Lewistown Borough for Mifflin County Television the board of directors shall be comprised of five members, three from Lewistown Borough Council (one who will serve as the Committee Chairman), and two will be residents from the Borough of Lewistown. The Board of Directors shall meet the second Monday of each quarter at 5:00pm in the Media Room at Mifflin County High School, which is located at 501 Sixth Street in Lewistown, PA. MCTV went "On the Air" April 20, 2015.

2022 Board of Directors Meeting Dates 
January  12, 2022            April 11, 2022             July 11, 2022            October 10, 2022
Council Member
Committee Chair
Council Member
Council Member
Borough Resident
Borough Resident
 Matt Moore  
 Kevin Kodish  
Welcome to Mifflin County

Welcome to Mifflin County

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Local Government


One of MCTV's goal is to make our local government as transparent as possible so that our community is well informed about the policies, issues and challenges that face both our county and its municipalities. To this end, we pledge to air as many local government meetings as possible to keep our citizens up to date on the happenings of Mifflin County.

Public Education


MCTV's educational goal is to showcase one of our county's greatest resources... our young people. We will provide pertinent information about all of our public schools in the Mifflin County School District, as well as both live and pre-recorded events, such as concerts, presentations, school board meetings, sporting events, feature stories, etc...   

Community Events & Issues


There are many different community events that make Mifflin County a special place to live. From Burnham to Belleville, and Siglerville to Strodes Mills, there are many different experiences that make Mifflin County the place people want to call home. Our mission at MCTV is to bring to our viewers a front row seat to whatever is happening. 

Two Local Pioneers Who Paved the Way

There are many individuals who contributed in so many ways to the birth of MCTV. The two gentlemen shown here contributed in ways that can not be put into words, but we will try. Hank Hain and Joe Zampelli were true gems in our local community. They forgot more about the communications industry than we will probably ever know. To us they were mentors, but they taught us much more than just skills. They instilled in us an appreciation and love for the communications industry that we hope to pass along to the students we touch on a daily basis. Passing this love along is the best way we know to honor their memory. Hank and Joe, we think of you often.

                                                                                                                                            Matt & Roger

Hank Hain

Joe Zampelli

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